Wetsuit hanger

$9.95 $8.95


If you get the reference then awesome, (we promise not to tell anyone how old you are!!) if not, no worries because you should know better than to try and hang your wetsuit with a wire hanger anyhow!

This study yet lightweight hanger should be in every diver's closet. With a lifetime "No Break" warranty this will be the last wetsuit hanger you will never need to own! Heavy enough to handle the heaviest neoprene drysuit, yet light enough to throw into a suitcase for your rash guards and wetsuits while on vacation. This hanger is rated to easily hold 20 pounds/9 kg of wetsuit/drysuit.

Easily hang your suit to dry or use it for long term storage. If you don't already own one of these you will wonder how you ever made it this long without one.