Brand: Suunto


When you buy this compass, you get the compass with wrist strap AND the specially made retractor by Gear Keeper. Now you have a choice of how you want to use this compass. You can easily interchange between the retractor and the wrist strap so you choose the configuration that works for each specific dive!

Easy Assembly required, if you ask nicely, we'll attach the retractor for you!

SK-8, the latest edition of Suunto’s leading dive compass, delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability. Both northern and southern hemisphere models can be used over a wider area of the globe thanks to an upgraded magnet.

This compass comes with the Suunto Compass Retractor with quick disconnect so you can attach it to your BCD and quickly disconnect the compass for safe storage.  

Don't need the retractor? Choose the bungee mount and you can dive like the cool tec divers!


  • The world's most popular dive compass
  • Phosphorescent compass card
  • High tilt compensation
  • Made in Finland

blue print image
Measurements 65.5 x 65.5 x 43.7 mm / 2.58 x 2.58 x 1.72 "
What's in the box?

Suunto SK-8 Strap Mount NH with wrist strap, Boot, User Guide, Warranty

  • Suitable for sub-zero temperatures
  • Firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree
  • Large side-reading window
  • Balanced for Northern Hemisphere (NH)
  • Fast stabilization