Hollis Sidemount Package

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Hollis Sidemount Package

Looking to get onto Sidemount diving? Well this is the package for you! Everything you need to get started in sidemount diving. Package includes the SMS Sidemount Regulator Kit AND your choice of the SMS75 (my personal favorite BCD for Salt Water) or the SMS Katana (perfect for fresh water caves) with free SMS Rigging Kit (Both) and Buttplate (Katana Only, SMS75 has a built in buttplate)

SMS Katana


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Honed by extensive testing and refinement, the SMS
Katana, designed by Nick Hollis in partnership with leading cave diving instructors, is a cutting edge cave penetration tool without equal. the SMS Katana design builds on the proven SMS100 and SMS75 sidemount systems but was further streamlined to reduce drag and allow for easier movement in confined spaces providing optimal performance in the warm
water cenotes and caves of northern Florida and Mexico.

  • Bulletproof Construction
  • 35 lbs. of lift. The perfect wing size & weight for travel.
  • One size fits all “H” harness
  • 3 weight pockets: two 5 lb. (2.26 kg)
    and one 3 lb. (1.36 kg)
  • 8 strategically placed D-rings: 2 on each shoulder strap, 1 on
    each hip/shoulder strap connection point and 2 rear, one left
    and one right, for securing main tanks or other accessories.
  • Reversible Inflator & Dump assembly
  • Primary bungees integrated into the wing to pull tanks up and
    away from diver’s torso
  • Retainers located to avoid overhead interference
  • Butt-plate with heavy duty rails
  • Mains Rigging Kit

SMS 75

The BCD that has replaced ALL OF MY BCD'S! I personally use this BCD for everything from a Recreational single backmounted to a recreational Hollis Prism II Rebreather dive (I use my Dual Bladder SMS 100 for Technical Rebreather Dives in case you were wondering)

Hollis has become a leader in the sidemount market. It is not just a fad and not just a tool for cavers, it’s here to stay and is growing. The SMS 75 is an evolution from years of sidemount development, which started with the SMS 100. A product that has been copied, modified and a benchmark for technical sidemount for years. The SMS 75 was created to handle all environments. Proper trim is key and the wing is designed to promote horizontal diving with increased lift towards the hips where it’s needed most, and without modification. Best of all, the SMS 75 will also support rear mounted tanks and reversible inflator positions so it can be used as your ONLY BCD no matter what kind of diving you are doing!

  • Trapezoid shape to promote horizontal trim
  • Adjustable and removable wing bungee
  • Designed for cave or open water sidemount
  • Cam slots for single tank backmounted diving and grommets at 11” for backmounted banded doubles
  • Reversible Inflator & Dump assembly
  • Rigging kit included: Tank bungees, SS Cam bands, SS Bolt snaps & nylon line
  • Includes sternum strap & crotch strap
  • Inner located elbow to avoid overhead interference

Sidemount Regulator Package

Our SMS regulator kit is designed to take the guessing out when setting up your sidemount regulator configuration. This new kit includes (2) 200LX second stage regulators, (2) high-performance DCX regulators, proper hose length for the left and right bottles and (2) brass gauges. Also available separately are Angle Adapters for each regulator to help streamline routing and increase comfort.

  • (2) 200LX adjustable second stages
  • (2) DCX overbalanced first stages with 5th port and swivel turret
  • (2) Brass SPG 2"
  • 36" LP hose
  • 84" LP hose