Mares Snorkel Rebel Dry Snorkel

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Mares Rebel Dry Snorkel

The Mares Rebel Dry Snorkel is the dry snorkel from their new Rebel range. Coming with outstanding features, this is a brilliant dry snorkel. The 100% dry top gives you the confidence that no water is going to get into the pipe of the snorkel, as well as no gargling effect. An exhaust valve on the bottom of the mouthpiece also helps to get rid of any excess water to make sure that you won’t breathe any in.

This snorkel also provides great comfort while in the water. With an increased internal volume on the bottom housing, the Rebel Dry can provide unparalleled levels of comfort when breathing. The mouthpiece itself is also crafted to be as comfortable as possible to reduce fatigue on the jaw. The sliding snorkel keeper on the pipe of the Rebel Dry also helps to keep it securely attached at all times to make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your dive.

Constructed to be as long lasting as it can, the hose and mouthpiece of the Rebel Dry is comprised of corrugated silicone which is rugged but flexible to make sure that it provides durability and adaptability. This snorkel is perfect for any use, be that scuba or extended snorkeling sessions and is a great choice for a top end snorkel.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Dry Top The top of the snorkel pipe is 100% dry to make sure that no water can get into it, giving you peace of mind as you dive that there won’t be water when you breathe.
  • Sliding Snorkel Keeper For practicality this snorkel has a sliding keeper to make sure that it stays attached to your mask at all times.
  • Durable Construction The hose and mouthpiece are constructed of corrugated silicone to make sure that the snorkel is as durable as it can be to keep going whenever or wherever you need it.
  • Exhaust Valve The exhaust valve on the bottom of the snorkel helps to get rid of excess water in the mouthpiece and keep it out of your mouth.
  • Perfect for Diving or Snorkeling This snorkel is fantastic for numerous uses, at home for snorkeling, this snorkel can also be used for scuba.
  • Outstanding Breathing Comfort The Rebel Dry offers unparalleled breathing comfort due to the increased internal volume of the bottom housing.

Who is the Mares Rebel Dry Snorkel For?

Available in eight eye catching colors, the Mares Rebel Dry Snorkel is a fantastic all round dry snorkel. Suitable for snorkeling or scuba, this mask is comfortable and 100% dry in the water. Offering unparalleled comfort thanks to the increased internal volume of the bottom housing this snorkel is also extremely durable. Constructed of corrugated silicone, the mask works hard to keep you comfortable and the water out. If you’re looking for a fantastic dry snorkel that has multiple uses then look no further than the Mares Rebel Dry.

Who are Mares?

Since being founded in Italy in 1949, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art diving equipment, and continually sets new industry standards. They continue to invest in innovation, research and expertise almost 70 years after they were founded and are an industry leader that can be trusted to be quality.

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