Reef Safe SPF 45+ Sunscreen

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Reef Safe®

Biodegradable Sunscreen SPF 45+

  • UVA - UVB Protection
  • 80 minutes Water, Sweat, & Rub Resistant
  • Fragrance Free
  • Biodegrades in Oceans, Lakes & Rivers
  • Non-toxic to Sealife
  • Proven Coral Safe by Mote Marine Laboratories
  • Bait Safe ~ Won't Kill or Contaminate your baits
  • Sold in a plant derived Bio-Resin Bottle

Don't let your sunscreen destroy the beautiful paradise that you work so hard to be able to enjoy! Reef Safe Sunscreens are, biodegradable and safe for tropical reefs. Now when you snorkel or SCUBA you can rest assured that you are giving it your all to protect the coral. With 80 minutes of full waterproof, sweat-proof, and rub resistant protection, you don't have to worry about it coming off when you need it most. 

With a SPF of 45+ even the fairest of skins can enjoy the lush reefs and clear waters of your vacation paradise. Whether in the most secluded of Marine Sanctuaries or just in your backyard pool you know that both you and the underwater environment is safe from undue harm. 


  1. Proven Non-Toxic to Tested Corals: Reef Safe engaged the world renowned Mote Marine Tropical Research Laboratory to test the toxicity of Reef Safe's formulations, containing varying levels of sunscreen actives, including oxybenzone, on corals representatives of both inshore and offshore habitats. Research findings concluded that Reef Safe formulas caused no visual signs of stress, bleaching or mortality to tested corals at any level of sunscreen treatments over periods of 24 hours, 96 hours and 20 days.
  2. Biodegrades in oceans, lakes and rivers: Research has shown that Reef Safe SunCare products biodegrade, on average, in less than 90 days in seawater and freshwater. Tests have also found that Reef Safe's water resistant 80 minute formula allows less than three percent of the product to come off in the water.
  3. Lightweight protection: There's nothing worse than applying sunscreen that leaves skin feeling greasy and ghostly white. Reef Safe SunCare applies sheer and smooth, absorbs quickly leaving an invisible, breathable film on your skin.
  4. Water Resistant: Those concerned about getting sunburned while spending most of the day in the water need not worry! Reef Safe SunCare is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it the perfect choice for people participating in outdoor and water sports activities. Take a Reef Safe "time out" to reapply every two hours to ensure proper sun protection.
  5. Sensitive Skin Sunscreen: Reef Safe SunCare is a great solution for sunscreen users who have sensitive skin. Reef Safe's products are unscented and specifically formulated with a custom botanical blend that contains Aloe Vera & Algae Extract to help soothe and rehydrate sensitive skin.
  6. Fish-friendly: Reef Safe's sunscreens have shown no evidence of toxicity to microorganisms or other marine life, so both endangered and common sea creatures alike remain unharmed by these products. Further, Reef Safe will not contaminate or kill fishermen's bait.
  7. Stain-free: While many sunscreens rub off on clothing, linens and furniture causing discoloration and unsightly stains, Reef Safe products are specially formulated to keep clothing, linens and furniture just as safe and protected as skin.
  8. Effective and affordable: Whether buying one bottle or purchasing in bulk, Reef Safe protects the wallet along with the skin and environment. Reef Safe SunCare products typically retail from $9.00 / 4 oz to $18.00/ 8 oz pending the SPF value.
  9. Eco-friendly packaging: Reef Safe sunscreen formulas are not only safe for oceans, their packaging is also eco-friendly. All products are packaged in 100% plant derived bio-resin bottles, which use 90% less energy, thereby leaving a negative carbon footprint.
  10. Exceeds all FDA standards: All ingredients used in Reef Safe products are FDA approved for use in sunscreens and are manufactured in their FDA-registered factory. After products are manufactured, they are sent out for testing to ensure that they conform to all FDA standards.