Palau Full Moon Spawning Special April 11-21, 2022


April 11-21, 2022

10 Nights on the Palau Siren is always spectacular, but when you are diving the Full Moon Snapper Spawning it's an off the charts - a truly once in a lifetime experience!

Palau features proudly in the world's top 5 of diving destinations. The great variety of dive sites and seascapes combined with the fantastic marine life are key factors attributing to this. Blue Corner, German Channel, Peleliu Wall and Big Drop-Off are only a few of the Palau's famous dive sites. Channel currents attract big pelagics, such as mantas and many species of sharks in big schools. Explore amazing underwater features like blue holes, drop-offs, caverns, caves and channels. Colorful coral reefs and gardens brimming with life also await you in Palau. Visibility underwater is often very good: 30-40 meters on most days. 

This is an extra special adventure on a Full moon Spawning trip. Spawning  red snappers make for an unforgettable experience and attract many a predator. On these cruises you will also get to experience blackwater diving, discovering some of the ocean's deep secrets. To top it off, Palau is home to the renowned Jellyfish Lake, which is also part of our itinerary. Palau really has it all!

Full Moon Snapper Spawning

When diving at the Full Moon, you will experience tens of thousands of Red Snappers rise up from the deep and aggregate to start their mating maneuvers in a spectacle full of energy and excitement while they change their colors from red to white. Not surprisingly, these huge aggregations also attract the biggest predators in Palau such as Bull Sharks, Oceanic Black tip Sharks, and Hammerheads. Watch how they hunt actively within the large school of spawning Red Snappers. It is something only a select few people ever get to witness and you can now be one of them!