Delrin finger spool with SS clip orange

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Looking for the perfect reel for your sausage? Maybe you are looking to make a jump from the main line to the super secret "I'm not allowed to show this to you" line in a cave.

Well bless my soul, because after many years of looking and trying different reels we finally found the perfect reel. Small enough to fit inside any pocket and just long enough to get the job done.

Super compact and with only 50' of line this will be the perfect jump reel or DSMB reel.

Milled out of a single block of Delrin so you never have to worry about the durability of this reel. I've used a similar reel on over 3000 dives and it still looks like brand new. 

Order now and you will get a 4" marine grade stainless steel double ender clip for no additional charge. Why that's a 12 dollar value by itself!

Better "reel" these in quick before my better half sees how cheap these are selling for and changes the price!!!