Mares Mens Graph-Flex 5mm


When you’re out diving, shivering from being cold can be a bit of a distraction. The Mares Graph-Flex Men’s 5mm Wetsuit helps you stay warmer so you can focus on the sights of the sea rather than being cold. Mares describes this wetsuit as “likely the warmest scuba wetsuit ever made,” and for those of us who really don’t like to be cold, that’s a wetsuit worth trying. It’s infused with revolutionary graphene fibers and has a comfortable 5mm thickness. This suit has a new streamlined cut and design with minimal graphics and logos for a clean, sleek look and feel. Stay warmer underwater with the Mares Graph-Flex Men’s 5mm Wetsuit.

Mares Graph-Flex Wetsuit Features:


  • Infused with revolutionary graphene fibers
  • Arguably the warmest scuba wetsuit ever made
  • Sealed seams for durability
  • 5mm thickness
  • New streamlined cut and design
  • Minimal graphics and logos for a clean look and feel