Mares Fin Blade Razor Carbon

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You have a pair of Mares Razor Carbon Fins  and want to replace the blades or are a seasoned free diver who knows one can never have enough spare items in their save-a-dive-kit to be properly prepared for any contingency. Maybe you prefer using black blades to work out in a pool so you don't scratch and ding your camouflage blades for better open water performance or you have developed stronger leg muscles while using Mares Razor Fins and want to upgrade to a stronger blade design. Whatever your need the Mares blade for the Razor Pro is what you are looking for. 

The variable-thickness blade bends during the various phases of fining action, achieving an ideal flexion curve; this is due in part to the use of the best techno-polymers, the true core of agility and elasticity. The special design of the channels on the blade and the lateral stringers on the foot pocket make it possible to channel and increase the flow of water toward the pronounced V" at the tip, increasing thrust and preventing the fin from slipping laterally. Its light weight and power give the Razor Pro the best yield among all the techno-polymer fins currently available on the market.