Instinct Open Cell Jacket Blue Camo 3.5mm

$149.95 $19.95
Spearfishing wetsuits (jacket and low-waisted pants), with open-cell interior.

Made of two different qualities of neoprene.

The Ultra Stretch neoprene, which is also used on some parts of the torso and legs, ensures extensive freedom of movement and makes ventilation easier.

Another type of neoprene, also very soft but less subject to compression, is used to create thicker sections on the body parts that are most sensitive to the cold (nape of the neck, back, etc.) during a dive.

Lower section of the jacket and preformed flap in double-lined neoprene for greater durability. 

The exclusive Easy Off System (EOS) makes it easy to remove the suit, thanks to the elasticity of the neoprene used.

Preformed cut without stitching in friction areas.

Highly-resistant reinforcing chest pad (Melcotape).

Tear-resistant protection (Supratex) on the legs and forearms.

Glued/sewn borders with blind-stitch construction for maximum hold.

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