Hollis Dry Bag

$36.00 $29.95

This dry bag is ideal for all types of outdoor adventures, from camping to wild water rafting, boat trips to biking. The classic stuff-sack design is made from durable PVC-tarpaulin to stay dry.The bag is equipped with a roll-top closure system to protect all your valuables and keep them dry.

The bags waterproof materials are high-frequency (RF) welded and heat seal taped technique make the bag watertight.

The roll-top closure once rolled is fastened with a squeeze-style" side-release buckle that when fastened doubles as a carry handle.

If freeing up your hands is required the bag comes with a removable and adjustable sling shoulder strap. Bag measures (H x W) 21.25" x 9" (54.6 cm x 22.9 cm) with a volume of 1,721.25 cubic inches (28.2 liters).


  • Ideal for All Types of Outdoor Adventures
  • Great for Camping to Wild Water Rafting, Boat Trips to Biking
  • Classic Stuff-Sack Design, Built to Stay Dry
  • Construction: Durable PVC-Tarpaulin
  • Equipped w/Roll-Top Closure System
  • Waterproof Materials are High-Frequency (RF) Welded and Heat Seal Taped Technique
  • Technique Makes the Bag Watertight
  • Roll Top Buckle: Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckle
  • When Buckles Fastened Roll Top Doubles as Carry Handle
  • Removable and Adjustable Sling Shoulder Strap
  • Dimensions: (H x W) 21.25" x 9" (54.6 cm x 22.9 cm)
  • Volume: 1,721.25 cubic inches (28.2 liters)