Torch EOS 10rw-Video Set

$499.95 $299.95
Brand: Mares

This is an awesome set that will complete your GoPro camera set up, don't have a GoPro, give the tray to a friend and keep the lights for you and your dive buddy, at these prices you would be nuts not to take advantage of this offer!

Tired of all your underwater photos coming out too blue? Come home from your last dive trip with nothing but "great mental pictures" even though you had your camera with you? Then this is the setup for you.

The space on the base is 5 inches with about 4 3/4 inches of usable space from the widest part of the 1st ball closest to the base.

Even if the base is too small for your needs, the value of the 2 lights and removable arms is way more than we are selling the complete package for!

With their ultra-bright yet super soft, no hot spot beam, these are perfect for taking video and photos underwater.

These will show you the reef in its true beauty both during the day and at night.

With its double cap seal and build it charger, these will give years of trouble free service both underwater and on land.

You get:

  • Complete Set for Video Making and Photography
  • Compact And Lightweight
  • 2 EOS 10Rw Torches-1000 Lumens Each!
  • USB Charger Cables
  • Aluminum Tray for Attaching Video Camera
  • Flexible Arms with Connections for EOS 10Rw
  • Dedicated Padded Case with Zip
  • Camera Not Included


These carry the full manufacture's warranty please go to:

or call 800 874-3236 for more information