Hollis Butt Plate

The Hollis Butt Plate allows divers who wish to transform their existing harness and buoyancy compensating wing into a rig capable of side-mounting tanks. Locked-tight into place using stainless steel assembly screws through slots on the back-plate. When side-mounting stage tanks or re-breather bailout bottles, butt-plate rails can be difficult to access if back-mounted gear covers them-up. Problem solved with Hollis Butt Plate. Its rectangular shape places tank attachment points at the edge of the diver's body, while outrigger hardware is easy to find due to its orientation facing outwards on the plate.

The Butt-Plate is made of reinforced nylon to provide the proper amount of rigidity to hold tanks in position and eliminate sag. Two stainless steel handles are used for tank attachment. Included with the Butt-Plate are two stainless steel assembly screws for securing Butt-Plate to a back-plate. The Butt-Plate is equipped with 4 rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel grommets.