Mares data link

Interface for Blue Link allows transferring data to a PC or Macintosh, allows divers to view and manage their dive data and supplement it with additional information for a complete logbook. The dive simulator is a useful diver training tool and analysis instrument. Interface is used with the Mares Quad Air computer (for computer see SKU: MRSQA). This product will enable you to display and manage your dive data, and complete the description of your dives by entering additional information. The software is also a useful training tool, with its dive simulator, as well as a valid analysis instrument. Principle characteristics of the Interface are uploading of dive log data from your dive computer to a PC/MAC via USB connection. Entry of additional data about the logged dives (e.g. type of dive), comparative statistics about your logged dives filters for selectively viewing certain types of dives. Time zone correction, different print modes with preview and graphic processing of the dive profile with analysis tools.