Mares XR Stainless Steel w/ Donut Bladder Complete System

$900.00 $799.95


■ Drains: 6 Large Grommets, 2 On Top And 4 On Bottom

■ 1200D “Bulletproof" Ballistic Nylon And 600D Polyester Exterior

■ Heavy Duty Plastic Zipper And Slider With Elongated Teeth

■ 4 Heavy Duty Grommets Positioned To Allow Optimum Trim                                                     

■ New Stretchier, Low Profile, Oval Corrugated Hose

■ New K-Style Two-Speed (Standard And Turbo) Inflator With Brass Buttons

■ Left Position Does Not Interfere With 1St Stage Dump Valve

■ Low Profile Dump Valve

■ Micro Puller

■ Tank Stabilizer Body Slide Bars

■ Stylish, Durable (Resistant To Tears, Scuffs And Abrasions), Lightweight And Long-Lasting 

■ Very Smart And Unique Design Allowing The Cylinder To Nest Inside

■ Extremely Streamlined - Very Stable Continuous Loop Shape

■ Smooth Gas Shift From Left To Right

■ Top Quality Zipper: Does Not Interfere With The Woven Textile Tape, Easy Handling, Strong And Durable

Plate & Harness


■ 3.5M Webbing With Center Hole And Grommet

■ 3 X 40Mm Elastic Loop Retainers

■ 1.5M Crotch Strap



■ 2 X Bent D-Ring 50Mm Stainless Steel

■ 2 X Straight D-Ring 50Mm Stainless Steel

■ 4 X 3-Bar Slides Normal Stainless Steel With Mares Logo

■ 2 X 3-Bar Slides Toothed Stainless Steel With Mares Logo

■ 1 X Waist Buckle Stainless Steel With Mares Logo


Crotch Strap

■ 2 X Straight D-Rings 50Mm Stainless Steel

■ 1 X 3-Bar Glides 50Mm Stainless Steel With Mares Logo

■ Dir – Hogarthian Configuration


■ 3Mm Stainless Steel Backplate (417507) 

■ Includes: 2 X 52Cm Wide Heavy Duty Straps With 2 Stainless Steel Buckles